had another quick trip into Louisiana this morning so of course I stocked up on fresh boudin

first trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road!

Hudson got memed Hudson got memed Hudson got memed Hudson got memed Hudson got memed

a few more from earlier. Hudson fucking loves baths. #corgidor

I had my doubts about Gadot as WW, and still do, but god damn she looks fucking badass! I love the costume and I’m so happy they didn’t go with the 70s style one. 

made a little fried banana for dessert

working from home today #goodmorning

if you’re looking to get into comics or wanna catch up you might wanna check this out. a dollar for a month’s worth of unlimited comics is a pretty fucking great deal.

it’s only been five minutes since she’s had use of her middle finger and it’s already business as usual

got my July #lootcrate!

this month’s theme is villains so in the box there’s a seriously dope loki/joker mash-up tee, MOTHERFUCKING DEADPOOL SOCKS, a rocket raccoon #1 loot crate variant, a vader keychain, a bowser magnet, and a dc super villains DVD.

this guy’s trying to be fast & furious but really he’s just relatively quick & slightly miffed