working from home today #goodmorning

if you’re looking to get into comics or wanna catch up you might wanna check this out. a dollar for a month’s worth of unlimited comics is a pretty fucking great deal.

it’s only been five minutes since she’s had use of her middle finger and it’s already business as usual

got my July #lootcrate!

this month’s theme is villains so in the box there’s a seriously dope loki/joker mash-up tee, MOTHERFUCKING DEADPOOL SOCKS, a rocket raccoon #1 loot crate variant, a vader keychain, a bowser magnet, and a dc super villains DVD.

this guy’s trying to be fast & furious but really he’s just relatively quick & slightly miffed

what the fuck does “hanging you cell no you shoes” mean?


got a little carried away with fredbot 9000. next time I might try some action shots rather than this boring straight on angle. I don’t wanna get too lazy with my drawing.


working on fredbot 9000’s upgrades #lazysunday

I’m on the last page of my first sketch book in like 15 years. so fredbot 9000 is getting some MAJOR upgrades this weekend.

it’s been a while since I’ve spent some time with fredbot 9000 #sketch

it’s regoddamndiculous how long it takes to install the #destiny beta. it’s been roughly an hour and I’m not even at 90%. #nerdrage

shout out to @pmartin89 for hooking me up with a #destiny beta code!

somebody’s high as balls and ready for surgery. she just said “I feel like all the dogs are you, but they’re also me. know what I mean?”

somebody is pouty because she can’t have coffee today. so I’m drinking it right next to her. #husbandoftheyear