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Monkey can drive!




Don’t do drugs, kids.

"dude I’m way too baked to drive to the devil’s house"

I dig the Destiny app but my one complaint is that it makes all of your armor look like ten shades darker and you can barely see any detail.

what the shit, Bungie?



…..still the hardest shit out.

U was right

cadence is terrible, beat is garbage, every word is nonsense without a single clever line, and no rapping for a full fucking minute.

the swagtard generation must be stopped.

I’m not a big martial arts movie fan but this makes me insanely happy. Netflix bypassing the studios and giving a big fuck you to the whole industry is good for all of us. they’ve been shaking things up with their original content for a while now but this is a fucking game changer. the studios and networks have had a stranglehold on how we get our media for entirely too long.

it wraps around my forearm so it’s impossible to get it all in one picture but here’s the finished product! the pictures don’t even do it justice. the color and detail is amazing in person.

huge shout out to Bonnie at Ink Injection here in town for absolutely killing it and going so far beyond what I had in my head. (at Ink Injection Tattoo Parlor)

outline is done! time for color! (at Ink Injection Tattoo Parlor)

#mybodyisready (at Ink Injection Tattoo Parlor)


A Transgender Student Was Fined For Wearing A Skirt To School, So These Boys Wore Skirts In Protest

"When a transgender student in Brazil was recently fined for wearing a skirt to school, a group of male classmates rose to support her in spectacular fashion — by all showing up at school wearing skirts themselves.

According to the U.K.’s Orange News, 17-year-old Maria Muniz, a student at Rio de Janeiro’s Colégio Pedro II, was fined by school officials who said that she was breaking a school rule that states that male students must wear trousers.

After the punishment, Muniz reportedly agreed to change out of the skirt. Little did she know, however, that a few of her classmates would soon put up a fight on her behalf.”

(via hannahstrikesback)