our poor sweet beautiful boy Bronx is getting his first round of hardcore heartworm treatment (he’s had them since he was a puppy when we got him) in the morning. he’ll be on strict crate rest for a month, get a second shot, then one more month of crate rest.

those of you that have met him know how hyper and easily excitable he is (a fly will stress him out to the point where he runs around and jumps on and off furniture for hours), so he’ll have to be hidden away in a separate room from his little brother Hudson and us for two whole months. with the treatment he’s getting he can’t be allowed to get excited at all because the dead heart worms break apart and can clog up his arteries and kill him instantly.

unfortunately that treatment is the only option because his long term antibiotics that would kill the heartworms slowly over a few years have changed and gone up in price from $40 to $400 every two months and that’d be over the next few years. so this just has to be done.

anyway, keep our boy in your thoughts. send ‘em good vibes.